The Secrets of a Natural-Looking Face-lift

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The Secrets of a Natural-Looking Face-lift

A face-lift is an effective way to revitalize the health of your skin and achieve a younger, fresher appearance. Learn about the secrets to a natural-looking face-lift, so you can get the results you want.

The idea of undergoing a face-lift can be intimidating and may stop you from following through. However, with the right preparation, you can address sagging jowls and a drooping neck surgically without worries of looking unnatural.

At Pearce Plastic Surgery, our skilled plastic surgeon Paul Pearce, MD, designs a face-lift surgical plan specifically to your needs. Dr. Pearce offers traditional and limited incision face-lifts, either of which can reverse the signs of aging and enhance the natural contours of your face.

Here’s how to ensure your face-lift results are natural-looking:

Get prepared for your surgery

There are instructions we provide before your procedure that help ensure your face-lift surgery goes well. For instance, you may need to stop using certain medications or supplements before your appointment to prevent complications.

When your surgery is complete, you’ll need help getting home and attending to your usual responsibilities for several days while you recover.

You also need to schedule several weeks off from work and other activities, so you can get the rest you need to prevent swelling, bruising, and other post-surgical complications.

Set realistic goals

Achieving natural-looking results from a face-lift requires having realistic expectations about the results you want to achieve. During your initial evaluation with Dr. Pearce, you should be ready to discuss your vision for the outcome of the procedure.

Dr. Pearce assesses your skin flaws to determine which surgical techniques are right for you. He creates a treatment plan to revitalize your skin based on your goals and unique skin health.

Consider your whole aesthetic

If your surgery focuses only on tightening the skin of your face, you may still be unhappy with the lax, wrinkled skin around your neck after your procedure.

Consider addressing both your neck and face during the same surgery, so there won’t be a noticeable contrast.

Dr. Pearce can not only tighten the skin on your neck, but he can also tackle fat under your chin and reposition tissue around your cheekbones for a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

Prioritize self-care afterwards

While you may be thrilled with the results of your face-lift, you need to care for your skin properly to maintain those results.

We can provide guidance to help you care for your skin properly to keep it hydrated and smooth. You may also need to make changes to your diet to protect your skin’s long-term health and prevent the return of wrinkles and fine lines.

Why expertise matters for a natural-looking face-lift

The best way to achieve natural-looking face-lift results is to work only with a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Pearce.

There are many shortcuts being advertised that promise miracles for less money but you can jeopardize your health by seeking a face-lift outside of a surgeon’s care.

Dr. Pearce works closely with you on your goals and never makes promises that put your health at risk. He takes into consideration any underlying medical issues that may interfere with the healing of your incisions after surgery and provides comprehensive after-care services to reduce your risk for infection and other complications.

To schedule a face-lift consultation, call Pearce Plastic Surgery or book an appointment online today. 

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