Eyebrow Transplants are More Popular Than Ever: Why You Might Consider One

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Eyebrow Transplants are More Popular Than Ever: Why You Might Consider One

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to improving the fullness of your brows, you may be a candidate for an eyebrow transplant. Learn how this minimally invasive surgery works to stimulate new hair growth in your brows.

If sparse eyebrows are changing the aesthetic of your face, it might be time to consider the benefits of an eyebrow transplant. This popular treatment is minimally invasive and helping people regain a sense of confidence in their appearance.

At Pearce Plastic Surgery, our skilled plastic surgeon Paul Pearce, MD, offers eyebrow transplants to improve the fullness of your eyebrows. Dr. Pearce tailors a surgical plan to your cosmetic goals, so you can achieve your desired results.

How an eyebrow transplant works

An eyebrow transplant is a surgical procedure that uses hair grafts to improve the fullness and thickness of your natural eyebrows. This treatment offers long-lasting results, so you can finally ditch the cosmetic products you have to use each day to create fuller brows.

During your procedure, Dr. Pearce uses a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Using advanced surgical techniques, he harvests hair grafts from another area of your body and transplants them across your brow line. He transplants both individual hairs and the hair follicles to support new hair growth in the long term.

Immediately after your transplant, you might have some swelling and bruising in the area, which resolves on its own within a few days. Within three months of your surgery, you can expect the transplanted hairs to fall out and new hairs to grow in.

Candidates for an eyebrow transplant

A transplant can address thinning eyebrows that develop because of injuries, genetic factors, or underlying medical conditions like thyroid disorder.

Having full eyebrows is not only important for aesthetic reasons. Eyebrows have a function purpose — preventing sweat from running into your eyes. When your brows are too thin, they may not be able to trap moisture properly.

We can also treat people who are born with naturally thin eyebrows who are tired of using cosmetics every day to improve the shape and fullness of their eyebrows.

Dr. Pearce offers comprehensive eyebrow evaluations to determine if you’re a candidate for an eyebrow transplant. He pays close attention to the details to ensure your new brows frame your face in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of an eyebrow transfer

One of the biggest benefits of an eyebrow transplant is that the hair we transfer is all your own. Your results will always look natural because they are natural.

The overall transplant process is straightforward and doesn’t require general anesthesia. You can also expect your recovery to be fast. You should avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks but can otherwise resume your other activities soon after your transplant is complete.

As long as you’re in good overall health, you may be a candidate for an eyebrow transplant to increase the thickness of your brows. A transplant may not be right for you if you have alopecia, a bleeding disorder, or another health issue that can complicate your surgery.

If you’re unhappy with your facial appearance because of thinning eyebrows, schedule an eyebrow transplant consultation today. Call Pearce Plastic Surgery or book an appointment online. 

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