Things to Do in Austin, Lake Travis, and Green Belt After an Arm Lift

By: Dr. Paul Pearce


After arm lift surgery, many people like to go out and enjoy their new, sculpted appearance.

3 Minute Read:  After arm lift surgery, many people like to go out and enjoy their new, sculpted appearance. Many people enjoy having the confidence to wear a short-sleeve outfit for the first time in years. As the recovery period ends, many people go looking for new activities to do in the Austin area.  Below are a few things our patients have reported enjoying. 

WHAT IS AN ARM LIFT? However, before we get to the outdoor activities, some may wonder why an arm lift can have such an impact. An arm lift is a surgical procedure that helps to tighten the skin and muscles in the upper arms. This can reduce or remove excess or sagging skin that can make people wary about exposing their bare arms in short sleeves. By correcting sagging skin on the arms, an arm lift can restore vitality to your appearance. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RECOVER FROM AN ARM LIFT? It takes about two weeks for a patient to recover enough to resume work after arm lift surgery. The second stage of recovery can take up to six weeks in some cases, though most patients heal within four. Either way, after a month or so, you may be looking for activities that let you show off your new appearance.  

POST-PROCEDURE ACTIVITIES During the recovery period, it is essential that your arms are not subject to exertion, repetitive motion, or abrasive materials. As such, some of these activities will only be suitable for patients who have completed their recovery and have been cleared by their surgeon. 

HIKING Hiking is an excellent exercise for patients just in their second phase of recovery. There are numerous hiking trails north of Austin around the Colorado River and Lake Travis like the River Place Trail in north Austin. There is also the Barton Creek Greenbelt in south Austin, which provides good paths for walking, and swimming if you get far enough (although swimming should wait until after the second stage of recovery).  

RUNNING There are several trails in the Austin area. Running is an excellent way to stay in shape and promote healthy habits. This activity is suitable for patients who have fully recovered from their arm lift surgery, and do not have any leg or knee-based medical conditions (including arthritis, damaged tendons, or hypermobility disorder).  

GO OUT ON THE LAKES  After you are fully recovered (and been cleared), the water beckons. Austin has not only the Colorado River but also has Barton Creek (with associated waterfalls) and Lake Travis. Water skiing in Austin can occur either in Lake Travis or along the Colorado River. It is a great excuse to get some sun, stay cool, and show off your new arms. We suggest this sport only for those who have fully recovered from their procedure (and wish to show off their defined contours on the water).  Wakeboarding  Wakeboarding in Austin also occurs along the Colorado River or in Lake Travis. Similar to water skiing in many ways, it is a great way to stay cool, get some exercise, and use your arms to show off your aerial tricks.  Wakesurfing Like surfing the ocean waves, wake surfers ride the wake of boats traveling up and down the Colorado River. While less physically intense than wakeboarding or water skiing, we recommend that patients wait until they are fully recovered before participating in this sport.  

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