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By: Dr. Paul Pearce


Breast Lift with or without Implants: Making the Right Choice in Austin, Texas

If you're considering a breast lift in Austin, Texas, one of the most common questions is whether to combine it with breast implants. Dr. Paul Pearce, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, breaks down the benefits and considerations of each option to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Combining Breast Implants with a Breast Lift

There are some advantages to adding breast implants to your breast lift surgery. One of the main advantages that I see patients enjoy are more upper pole fullness after a breast lift augmentation. While a breast lift alone will add more fullness to the breast itself, it won't necessarily add it to the upper pole or create more cleavage like a breast implant can. Another advantage is that you can customize the projection of your breasts. Think of this as how far your breasts stick out from your chest. Breast implants come in multiple projections (also known as Profiles) such as low, medium, full and extra full. This allows you to customize the overall appearance of your breasts with the implants. Implants can also be placed above or below the muscle, offering different aesthetic outcomes—more pronounced or a more natural slope. In my practice I find that people tend to want a more naturally enhanced appearance with their lift and choose to have the implants placed under the muscle. 

Advantages of Opting for a Breast Lift without Implants

On the other hand deciding against breast implants  also has some benefits. Without breast implants your breasts have a natural appearance and if that is what you like you should be able to have that. I have had patients come to me telling me that other doctors have told them that they need to get breast implants or they wont be happy. That is quite far from the truth. At the end of this recovery period that you are going to go through you need to be happy with what you wanted and if that means no breast implants then you should have that option. 

The other benefit is that the surgery becomes more straightforward as we do not have to dissect more tissue to create a pocket for the implant and we also decrease the risk of complications as well as the length of time in the operating room. And lastly the surgery is more cost effective without the added cost of breast implants. 

Drawbacks of Choosing No Implants

As I mentioned before, if a breast lift is done without breast implants there is less upper pole fullness and also less cleavage if you don't already have an abundant amount of breast tissue. While we may be able to help add more volume through surgical techniques or even fat grafting, in the long run, the results of upper pole fullness and cleavage may not be as long lasting as can be achieved with breast implants. 

Considerations with Breast Implants

Despite the benefits that adding breast implants to your breast lift  surgery, there are some things that I recommend patients to consider. Adding breast implants to a breast lift surgery can make the surgery more complex. Now that there are breast implants involved I now have to consider two different directions for the lift. The first is the vertical direction in that I need to plan how far the breast implants are going to drop after surgery so that the nipple winds up at the most projected part of the breast to look perfect. The other is the horizontal direction so that I know how much extra skin to remove to get that nipple location yet again in the perfect spot. 

The other thing to consider is that the extra tension from a breast implant, especially larger breast implants can put more tension on the scars resulting in a small increase in how noticeable the scars are. Luckily in my practice I have a great scar management plan that uses silicone scar strips in the early stages and then as the scars mature we switch to using our Lase MD  or even RF microneedling to help make the  scars fade even better.

The last thing to consider with adding breast implants is that they are not lifetime devices. Breast implants need to be evaluated over the years for possible rupture, although that risk is small these days compared to implants from 20 years ago. In general, it is recommended that breast implants be exchanged about every 10 years or so as the shell of the breast implant can weaken over time leading to a higher risk of rupture. 

Making Your Decision

Ultimately, the decision to include implants or not depends on your personal preferences and aesthetic goals. Here at my practice in Austin, Texas I emphasize with my patients the importance of choosing what aligns best with their desires and concerns. If you're unsure, a consultation with me can provide personalized guidance based on your unique anatomy and goals. You can also watch the video below to learn more! 

I hope this helps you along in your journey to a breast lift and ultimately what you want to see in the mirror. 

Dr Paul Pearce

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