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5 Treatment Areas For Best Chin Liposuction Results || Austin Chin Lipo

By: Dr. Paul Pearce


You've put in the time and effort to tone your body through diet and exercise but you find your self still trying to hide your double chin.  If there is one thing that diet and exercise can't really control its your genes. This code of life is hardwired into your system and it may be what's keeping the world from seeing that movie star jaw line you've been hiding all these years.

But there is a way that we can help you expose that jawline that's hiding underneath all that skin and excess tissue under your neck. And that is with liposuction. Liposuction helps remove the fatty deposits in your neck and jawline to help better define these areas and give you the appearance that you want. It's typically done with very small cannulas (hollow metal tubes) and three incisions, one under the chin and an incision behind each ear.

But we can't just focus on the area under the chin because that doesn't address all the areas that are hiding your jaw and neckline. There are actually 5 areas I like to address when doing chin lipo that I feel helps get the best results.

So what are the five areas that I like to address when looking at someone who wants to improve their neck line through liposuction

The first area is right under the chin or the submental area. if you think of drawing lines down from the corners of the mouth and down the neck, the area between these two lines is the most commonly treated area and can improve the appearance of the neck line with a small incision under the chin. Treating this alone will improve the appearance of the neck but it won't hit any home runs, there are still 4 more areas we have to consider.

The second area runs from the border of the first area all the way back to the area where the jaw changes direction and starts running superiorly. Essentially the sides of the upper neck.  This area helps create more definition in the jawline and provides better definition to the neck line, more than what liposuction directly under the chin does.

The third area I like to address is right where that jawline changes direction  because this little area once again adds further definition to the overall appearance. It can really help to bring out that corner in the jaw line giving more definition. The fourth and fifth areas of the neck are areas that you may not think about when you think about contouring your jawline with liposuction.

The fourth area I like to address the side of the neck vertically so that we decrease the width of the neck. This can really help give you that appearance of a more slender neck and adds to the improvement you will see with the other areas.

The final area is one that you may not have considered at all but it is the jowels, the area of soft tissue that starts to accumulate near the corners of the mouth. Liposuction of these areas really helps to improve the contours and can help give a more angular appearance to the face which is a sign of youth.

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia if it is being done with other procedures. When done with local anesthesia our patients are awake and kept comfortable with a light sedative and the use of laugh gas. When done under general anesthesia there is a slightly longer recovery period from the general anesthesia itself. In contrast to patients having their procedure done under local anesthesia while awake have a faster recovery in the short term. 

This procedure can also be done with radio frequency skin tightening to help bring in more of your bodys own collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. These three natural products help to tighten your skin even further and provide even more definition to your new neck line. 

So that's how I approach my patients for chin liposuction and help to make sure that we get you that profile view you always wanted. Check back again soon for our other blogs where we discuss tips on how to recover faster and better from chin liposuction. Thank you for checking out our blog and I hope you learned something today! 

Paul Pearce MD

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.